There are a few things that make statement like no other. Your shoes, the watch you wear and your after shave (as a man, your perfume and handbag as a woman). These things may seem superficial – however they create a first impression – and those impressions last.

Another thing that makes an impression is the car that you arrive in – especially if it at a business meeting – or a social event.

And there can simply be be no argument that arriving in a car with that iconic lady on the end of the bonnet makes a huge statement. She’s called ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’ – and there is reason for that.

Driving or even being a passenger in a Rolls Royce is an experience like no other. Many people speak of the luxury of modern German stretched limos and even though Rolls Royce is today owned by BMW – it still oozes Englishness – and BMW has been kind enough (or clever enough) not to mess about with the marque to much.

But you don’t have to shell out millions to enjoy that luxury. Renting a Rolls Royce is today extremely simple. there are many companies that specialize in luxury rentals – and they will happily provide a classic Rolls Royce or one of the ultra modern versions.

Many people would question why you would rent something like that. The answer is of course style and the ability to spoil yourself. If you believe that the purpose of a car is to get you from A to B affordably and with a minimum of fuss and bother – well, that’s perfectly acceptable and very wise.

But there’s also the flip side of the coin. Why travel at all if you are going to be watching the world go by in a small sedan? Why not take the opportunity to spend that little bit extra and watch it go by from the ultra lux seat of a rented Rolls Royce?

this is not something that one does everyday – but if you are on that business trip – or simply want to spoil the family – go for the Rolls. It’s simply worth it to see the smiles of the people in the car and even outside it. A Rolls Royce oozes charm – and strangely enough even the working man loves that car. It doesn’t scream money – it just is a perfect piece of engineering.

leave that bright day glo sports car in the rental yard. Take the classic good looks and absolute luxury of that Rolls Royce – it is a decision that you will never regret. It is literally the stuff that dreams are made from.

If it’s for a wedding, great, a dance – fabulous. But don’t limit yourself – take that car for a week. rent a piece of history and fall in love with a classic. You do have to give it back, but love it while you’re in it.